The History of London until it got burnt down - the play

An accurate, histerical account of the story of London from the arrival of the Romans to the Great Fire.

In 55 BC Julius Caesar came here and said Veni, vidi, vici. But he didn't, he went back to fight the Gallic wars. The Romans were back to stay in 43 AD, the Saxons came to shop and the Vikings to pillage. A thousand years ago Edward the Confessor wanted to go on a pilgrimage to St. Peter's in Rome. His courtiers told him this would take a long time. They suggested he build a church dedicated to St. Peter here. It was very crowded inside the walls of the City so Edward built his abbey to the west and he called it 'the church to the West'. He moved there, built himself a palace and London became two cities. When he died William of Normandy arrived at the gates so we let him in and you all know when that was. I'll cut to the end, watch the videos. Christopher Wren was in a bad mood because they wouldn't give him the money to build a new cathedral. After buying a bun at the baker's he lit up his pipe, tossed the match carelessly on the ground, and the rest is history.

Don't Open the Door  from August 3rd to 15th 2021