Going Short
by Richard Roques

Set during the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Going Short charts the stormy waters of economic meltdown.

Richard is in the closet. He hasn't told his boyfriend Tim that he's a banker and Tim hasn't told his mother, Dorothy, that he's a male escort. When Dorothy discovers that her son has a boyfriend who is gambling with her pension she isn't too pleased. And who is the mysterious woman eavesdropping on them and why is she wrapped in brown paper? Going Short is a contemporary story of trade in the bedroom and turmoil in the market place. The shit really hits the fan when Julie Andrews sings 'these are a few of my favourite things'.

The play was presented at a rehearsed reading in July with the following cast: Fenella Fielding, Susan McGoun, Andrew Hallett, Tom Hutchinson and Ed Cooper-Clarke.

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