Angels & Friends

An angel puts money into a theatrical production. Although you won't be doing this principally as a financial investment, you will definitely get some of your money back, and it is possible to make a lot of money. Mamma Mia made the director Phyllida Lloyd a millionaire and it was supposed to be a filler in a West End theatre that was dark for three months.

This is a very commercial idea and has not been done before, similar to The History of America which ran with The Complete Works of Shakespeare in the West End for ten years and made a fortune.

How much should you invest? A few hundred, a thousand, two thousand pounds. Or you could pay a week's wages for an actor, £330. I guarantee you'll get 60% of your stake back, and you could make a tidy sum. There will be independently audited accounts at the end of the production. If this is too much you could become a friend. See below for details.


Karen Burke from Vancouver, B.C.

Irene Monks


Muriel Roques

your name here!

Thank you to the friends of the 2008 Jermyn Street production who donated £50 each

Adrian Wyborn, Don and Mary Koss, Carolyn Pascall, Ann Marie Starr, Drew Nicholas, Mark and Anne Burgraef Roques, Martin Eatough and Harv Thompson.

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